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audio kinetic ball machines

An intriguing machine that is surprisingly visitor-driven. Acrobatic balls roll down a maze of complex tracking to activate a variety of whimsical devices which include a rocking pendulum, elevator car, ring hanging chimes, bells, xylos, drums, and strum a string harp. The principal of conversion of potential into kinetic energy is well illustrated.

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description of the machine
Though each machine has a unique "personality" they all contain the features outlined below:

  • the balls are lifted to the top of the machine by "Kid Power" via the translation of rotary motion into linear motion
  • the piece contains a number of sound producing devices, e.g., chimes, bells, xylos, wood percussion blocks
  • a pendulum made up of a series of individual pendulums, illustrating chaotic motion
  • bounce and catch, where a ball falls precisely onto an angled plate and bounces into a catcher
  • spin bowl device in which the balls rotate, falling slowly into a hole in the bottom and then out
  • action reaction, one ball colliding with a line of stationary balls, the resultant force removes a ball from the other end
  • down spring helix, a ball enters a spring shaped tube and is caught in its spin around the spring by centrifugal force until it reaches the bottom and drops out
  • rock-back device, a ball enters a balanced arm, rotates over from the weight of the ball, and then returns back to the beginning due to inertia
  • dip track, a ball enters a track with a dip, at the bottom of the dip there is an exit, but the ball cannot leave the track until its energy is dissipated enough for it to fall out
  • elevator with governor device, where the weight of a ball causes a counter weight to rise, a shaft rotates at a speed governed by a fan blade; the fall of the ball is slowed; upon reaching the bottom, the ball leaves the elevator, the counterweight begins to fall and returns the elevator to the top at a controlled speed to receive the next ball.

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